Weekend Schedule


5-7pm     Chip66
7-9pm     SIMIAN
9-11pm   Maverick,  Tricky
11-1am   Mell Jr


9-10am   The Liquidator
10-11am Martini
11-1pm   Steve Gibbs
1-3pm     Chip66
3-5pm     Mucho Macho
5-7pm     G-Force
7-9pm     Tim Boem
9-11pm   Guest
11-1am   The Bear


9-11am   The Cat in the Hat
11-12pm H-Bomb
11-1pm   Nadia
12-1pm   The Buzzard
1-4pm     Sunday roast
1-2pm     Lisa Lou
4-6pm     Ed Rockstar
6-8pm     Pablo
8-9pm.    Guest
9-10.30pm Blocstac