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MonDay Re Runs
Music Takes Control re runs throughout the morning, into the afternoon and on to the evening
10pm mtc through the night
Tuesday Live Sessions
MTC Music Throughout the Day
Live shows at
6-8 pm DJ Zilla Shaking her Groove Thang (alternate weeks: Tony Argent’s Dimensions of House Show or Mick Berry’s Journey into House)
8-10 pm Nick Edwards Tune it Up Tuesday
10-12 pm re run best from the weekend
 12 pm MTC Through the night
Wednesday Live Sessions
MTC Music Throughout the Day
Live shows at
6-8 pm Chip 66 Midweek Stomp
8-10 pm DJ Luca’s Funky Flavas Hip Hop Show
10-12 pm Fritz the Cat’s Glaswegian Beats
12 pm MTC Through the Night
Thursday Play it Again Sessions
Re Runs from the best of the weekend and weekday shows
Throughout the day and night
Friday Live Sessions
5-7 pm Chip 66’s Friday Groove – Hip Hop, House, Soul, Funk, Latin and Pango
7-9 pm Simian’s House and Techno Show
9-11 pm DJ Maverick’s We Love House Show
11-1 am Dj Mell Junior playing Progressive House and Techno
1-2 am Del Castio’s Antidote
2 am MTC Through the Night
Saturday Live Sessions
9-10 am Bobby Frisco’s Sunlove Show
10-11 am DJ Martini’s Shaking and Stirring her House Show
11-1pm Steve Gibbs Experience House old and New, Garage, Hip Hop and Funk
1-3 pm Chip 66’s playing House, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, Latin and Pango
3-5 pm Tamio Yamashita’s Next Generations 5G
5-6 DJ Diablo At Play (Alternate week The Chonk’s Algorithms of Indy and Dance)
6-8 pm Tim Boem ‘From the Discotheque’
8-10  Ed Rockstar’s Sonic Saturday Guest Show:
10-12 The Bear’s Electro Techno S how
12 am MTC Through the Night

Sunday Live Sessions
9-11 am The Cat in the Hat’s Soul and Jazz on a Sunday
11-1 pm The Buzzard playing Ska, Two Tone, Northern, Mods and Sods (Alternate weeks  Nadia’s Northern Soul Stompers, Mod Movers and Bossa Nova Bimblers or Stephen Field’s Secret Disco)
1-3 pm Lisa Lou’s 80’s hubabaloo (Alternate week  Grant Dee’s Cool and Groovy Vibes or Phil Montreal Spreading Love)
3-5 pm The Sunday Roast Live from the East Coast with guests including Aloyisius and Ruffety
5-7 pm Gary Abraham’s Sunday Solstice (Alternate week Ed Rockstar’s Sonic Sunday Service)
7-8 pm  Mick Berry’s Sunday Soulful Assortment (Alternate week John Stokes Been Diggin’)
9-10 pm (alternate week Rob Roars Counter Culture or HP Sauce Show)
9-11 pm DJ Mel Jr’s Progressive House and Techno Show Friday Night Reprise
12 pm MTC Through the Night